Real life Barbie Dreamhouse

20 Must-Haves for Turning Your Home Into a Real Barbie Dreamhouse

Since its introduction by Mattel Corporation in the year 1964, the Barbie Dreamhouse has served to be an idealistic representation of the real life Barbie Dreamhouse. The younger generations of every age group are comforted, happy, and innocent in daydreaming by its cheery pink colors and abundance of decorations.

Real life Barbie Dreamhouse

20 Must-Haves for Turning Your Home Into a Real Barbie Dreamhouse

 1- Pink Tunnel Zone

Putting the furnishings away, stunning pink grouting will give your house a little flair barbie dreamhouse. We believe she would be pleased when it was used to cover a bathtub screen or an accent wall within the kitchenette. In order to even outward a fake fireplace, it might be an excellent complement.

2- Wiggle Planters from Urban Outfitting

Another colour stands out in stark opposition to the pink, violet, purple, blue, and yellow which dominate Fran Gerwig’s Barbie film: emerald. A few tropical-looking vegetation could be a great addition to those containers since green vegetation may be seen through the foliage of palm trees. 

3- Barbie CozyChic Blankets

Every thought of barbie life in the dreamhouse dolls inspires an emotion of coziness, while this warm blanket from Natural Dreams elevates the image. You may be sure that it will make an excellent snuggling blanket because it is composed entirely of polyester microfibre.

 4- Barbie Dreamhouse Candles for Homesickness

What might Barbie’s Dreamhouse taste comparable exactly?

Her trademark house smell, as described by Mattel’s sponsorship of Homesick, is going to be vibrant and floral-forward alongside a hint of minerals that settles everything. The following candle’s primary scent elements are blossom and rose, midnotes are citrus peel and jasmine, and basenotes are velvety softness and rosewood.

5. Rose Smeg Vintage a FAB 32 a fridge and Freezer, fifty-year-old Theme

A unique attribute within the barbie life in the dreamhouse dolls is that especially the simplest and most practical furnishings incorporate a style. Featuring Barbie Dreamhouse, that Barbie-esque pastel-colored SMEG refrigerator has a nostalgic, kitschy aesthetic.

6. 2023 Hibiscus plants Countertop Mixer, the colour of the decade

A KitchenAid Stick Blender is a better choice even though you won’t be willing to make the commitment to a huge pink vanity chairs such as a freezer or refrigerator. It ensured that the gorgeous pink vanity hue Honeysuckle was named the 2023 Pantone Colour chosen as the Decade.

2023 Hibiscus plants Countertop Mixer, the colour of the decade

 7. The colour ivory and pink Barbie Dreamhouse luxury carpet

This carpet is a product of a commercial partnership between Ruggable and Barbie dreamhouse, and its design clearly reflects that period’s mod aesthetic. This is a subdued tribute to a cultural iconic and should go perfectly alongside different barbie dreamhouse replacement parts.

8. Famous Barbie x Kitsch Microfiber Pillowcase

Barbie dreamhouse needs to maintain her character’s beautiful keys, so it appears that these satin fabric pillowcases represent a few of her best-kept techniques. Both of the limited-edition real life Barbie dreamhouse themed variants will offer consumers a small norepinephrine spike in the early hours of the day as well as at nighttime.

9. Barbie Candles

Together with TYPO, Barbie the movie character has produced vanilla-scented candles supplied packaged in three unique souvenir boxes. The white version’s pink-colored wax stole all the attention, while the prismatic warm pink barbie life in the dreamhouse dolls one creates an inviting radiance whenever lit.

Barbie Candles

10. Barbie’s “Barbie Blueprint” background with Strawberry Pink

The background with a Barbie dreamhouse design dates all the way through 1958, the year of her initial global presentation. Definitely ideal either a start-up bathing room, dormitory or arrive robe. Examine this career-focused Barbie dreamhouse model if you’re searching for a present suited to the workplace.

Barbie’s “Barbie Blueprint” background with Strawberry Pink

11. White Cotton Spread Pillows with Antique Barbie Dreamhouse Picture

Especially individuals who adore Barbie with her original and traditional appearance, here is a different domestic element. The Maisonette linens goose-down pillows feature patterns inspired by Barbie’s cosmetics and clothing. The design might involve the ideal historic addition to a modern sofa.

12. Barbie | The club Barbie Artwork for walls

This striking picture might involve the star of an exhibit or be interesting on its own. You may either get the previously produced edition over a small surcharge or download the electronic copy for printing oneself.

The club Barbie Artwork for walls

13. Seaside Barbie Golfing Buggy Pool Floating by FUNBOY

Having a swimming pool in a real life Barbie Dreamhouse provides a crucial element. When you possess an outdoor space, take advantage of this chance to Barbiefy your daily life using an inflating Malibu Barbie tennis vehicle floats. Barbie and Funboy collaborated to produce further trademarked inflatable goods, including a blush-colored duck plus an agile watercraft.

Seaside Barbie Golfing Buggy Pool Floating by FUNBOY

14. Pink vanity chairs by Dreamhouse Adelaide

The parent among every Barbie-themed dreamhouse goods is presently available from Joybird, and that is a pink vanity chairs that’s made that appears like it was taken directly from the barbie dreamhouse. It has two different colours. Use a shade of pink which practically appears to serve as background if you’re looking to be secure.

15. Pink Casper Stackable Patio Eating Armchair

Pink and plastics are the first two phrases that spring to mind whenever we imagine Barbie Dreamhouse furnishings like pink vanity chairs, and that terrace armchair perfectly captures neither of these traits. Although it is intended for usage in the outdoors, it appears sufficiently elegant to serve as a decorative piece in the living space or washroom.

16. Rose-pleated Birkin Velvet Curtain

Everybody is aware because barbie life in the dreamhouse dolls is all about luxuries, and velvety is unquestionably among the residence’s most opulent textiles. A pink colour really lends itself to the aesthetic, and drapery is an excellent method to add the effect to your living space.

17. Drinking glasses with a stem that’s from West Elm. It is named Estelle

Barbie dreamhouse replacement parts undoubtedly contributed an extensive assortment of adorable glassware in her home’s cupboards because, as every one of us recognise, she understands the way to organise a nice celebration. She would probably lean prefer this collection and struggle to decide whether to choose cobalt colour with beautiful fushia hue.

18. Auxter Modern Hardwood Wood Vanities Stand in Pink including Bench and Mirrors

Pink vanity chairs has remained a crucial component of a number of the various incarnations of Barbie’s Dreamhouse despite the fact that it went through considerable modifications throughout time. The following dresser has playful pink paint and straightforward modernist design. A lovely cosmetics organizer is the sole means that is needed for rendering it Barbie-ready.

19. Oblong-shaped Silicus Pink Espresso Figure

Anything that Barbie could be interested in in an object of furnishing can be found within these coffee tables. It is glossy and has a straightforward glamour shape. Do we really require to elaborate on anything else? Additionally, it’s the ideal spot to showcase a flame with a Barbie motif.

Oblong-shaped Silicus Pink Espresso Figure

20. Aromatic substances from the retailer Bloomingdale Glasshouse Strawberries & Barbie Dreamhouse Candles

 Luckily for ourselves, a replenishment of that Glasshouse Perfumes candles was made available after it was sold. This flame delivers an additional fruit-forward smell than both of the two Barbie candles partnerships. The annotations thoroughly outline the ingredients for the ideal summertime beverage.

Aromatic substances from the retailer Bloomingdale Glasshouse Strawberries & Barbie Dreamhouse Candles

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