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23 Indoor Plants Safe for Cats and Dogs

Knowing which alternatives are safe for dog and cat indoor plants is important for pet owners who are also avid gardeners. It’s crucial to pick indoor plants that are pet friendly indoor plants since pets such as cats and dogs may eat your indoor container plant because of fascination or malice.

It goes without saying that one should keep pet friendly indoor plants out of your dog’s normal range and protect the indoor plants and the animals.

However, you may feel greater at ease if your pet does ingest the greens or bases of pet-friendly plants indoors by making sure that you avoid organisms that can be poisonous for cats and dogs.

pet friendly plants indoor

1- African Flower (Saintpaula)

These pet friendly indoor plants are among the most often used blooming pet-safe house indoor plants.

Plants remain sought after due to their ability to grow in environments that individuals want, such as comfortable temperatures with medium relative humidity, yet blossom under low lighting. 

2- Child’s Teardrop (Soleirolia soleirolii) 

Soleirolia soleirolii’s crawling carpet of little green foliage gives aquariums, little hanging containers, and an added planting at the foundation of pet friendly indoor plants interest. The dirt is covered by baby tears plants, which may deter pets from digging up your indoor plants. 

3- Chinese Fortune Plants (Pilea peperomioides)

Although it belongs within the nettle extract of loved ones (Urticaceae), this easy-keeper is a good option for residences alongside cats or dogs. Its circular, meaty, brilliant green foliage is its distinguishing feature. It should ideally be put in a spot in your house that gets plenty of direct, intense light.

4- Banana Tree (Musa spp.)

The enormous banana tree pet-friendly large indoor plants develop a length of 6 inches or greater and are a striking accent plant. However, dwarf variants only reach heights of 2 to 4 feet. In tropical cuisine, a central stem divides into long, broad leaves frequently used to cook or serve meals. It’s not a big surprise to learn that this pet-friendly indoor plant is non-toxic and safe enough to prepare human meals.

5- Echeveria (Echeveria spp.)

Given that it’s environmentally pet-friendly large indoor plants, this variety of succulents is a good option if you live alongside dogs or cats. The echeveria shrub produces lush tufts with hues that vary from blueish green-silver to blue-green color and occasionally purple.

pet friendly plant indoor

6- Gloxinia (Sinningia speciosa)

Gloxinia cultivars are little, blooming indoor plants that grow to a height of between six and ten inches. The boxed plant is sufficient in size to serve as a table centerpiece and blend upon a window seat. Whichever location you pick, remember that this plant prefers low lighthearted and should be maintained away from harsh, direct sunlight.

7- The Spider Plant (Chlorophytum)

The spider vine plant’s greenery cascades, making it ideal for high areas like windowsills, drifting racks, or hanging containers. In addition, it goes by the names ribbons plants or airplane indoor plants. This resilient potted cactus is harmless to pets such as dogs and cats. 

8- the Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea muscipula)

Since the Venus flytrap does not poison cats and dogs, an inquisitive gnaw does not require an excursion to the spay. Those pet friendly indoor plants maintain their take-off and land-catching by receiving intense illumination and regular watering using purified water.

pet friendly large indoor plant

9- Dypsis lutescens (Areca Palm)

Dypsis lutescens, frequently called butterfly-shaped palm leaves, transform every space into a tropical getaway. Knowing how the cacao palm is safe for both pets, such as cats, to interact with is consoling since sometimes palm leaves might arouse a feline’s playfully swiping or nipping impulses. 

10- A Boston Fern (Nephrolepis)

Although Boston, Massachusetts, mosses (Nephrolepis) have long been a pet-friendly indoor plant, pets may be tempted to chew on them due to their wavy leaves.

Its greenery, often a sword-shaped fern, rises upwards towards the center of the plant’s stem before arching when the fronds lengthen.

11- Calathea (Calathea spp.)

Plant of the Calathea spp. Families, popularly known as leopard plants or rainbow vegetation, have enormous tropical leaves featuring eye-catching stippling or striping. In pet friendly indoor plants, a calathea makes an ideal plant for a shaded area because excessive sunlight can lead the leaves to lose their color. These are more complicated houseplants to care for, though. 

12- Species of Haworthia (Haworthia spp.)

Haworthia serves as an environmentally friendly and pet-friendly indoor plant, slowly developing plants requiring little maintenance. When fully grown, plants are 3 to 5 centimeters large, possess adjustments, and petals of succulent green leaves with white blemishes or streaks.

pet friendly large indoor plants

13- Polka Dot Plant (Hypoestes phyllostachya)

Because Hypoestes phyllostachya’s plants are considered decorative, you are okay with creating the ideal environment that numerous indoor plants require to encourage blossoming.

14- Sky Plants (Tillandsia stricta)

As epiphytes, airborne indoor plants differ from standard golden pothos, requiring only a soil container. One should fasten them onto a piece of wood or similar hard surface mounting as an alternative. Fasten each bromeliad plant onto its mounting employing adhesive, metal, or thread for both the pleasure of its growth and preventing your cat from noticing the rigid foliage.

15- Prayers Plants (Maranta leuconeura)

The prayer plants possess an unusual habit of folding their stems and leaving them every night to resemble fingers clasped in supplication. It is commonly preferred over indoor plants because of its tropical plant life and lack of harmful effects on animals. 

16- Compassion Plants (Pilea involucrata)

An indoor hanging plant, Pilea involucrata, which grows best in humid environments, has delicate roots. It thrives in greenhouses, which makes it considerably less probable that your cat or dog would sneak a bite. Another of the greatest pets friendly indoor plants is the ones that you can exhibit prominently in any part of your house, including your sleeping space, in which it will feel secure.

pet friendly indoor plant

17- Species of Peperomia (Peperomia spp.)

The Peperomia species are kept among the checklist of well-liked pet friendly indoor plants due to the wide range of colors and surfaces found in these. These appear excellent in baskets that hang from the ceiling, are safe for cats and dogs, & are not bothered when you periodically neglect to nourish flowers.

18- Orchid (Orchidaceae)

You may confidently add orchids (Orchidaceae) to your preferred selection of animal-safe houseplants if you’ve developed a fondness for plants. While daylight hours are shorter in winter, numerous orchid species appear for several weeks, prospering in environments with limited illumination and shape confinement.

19- The interconnected plant (Fittonia aliveness)

Fittonia aliveness is also known by its Latin names, mosaics indoor plants and neurological plants; both have the sinister connotations of an indoor plant that damages the neurological system. Nevertheless, animals such as cats and dogs are unaffected by the great white or pink veins on the plant leaves of this native of the Amazon rainforest.

pet friendly indoor plants

20- Bromeliad (Bromeliaceae)

Bromeliad houseplants (members of the Bromeliaceae group) are favored indoor plants due to their hardy, flexible branches and intriguing cone-like blossoms. 

This pet-safe plant requires an illuminated window and a moist environment, making them simple to care for. 

21- Pigtail palms (Beaucarnea recurvata)

Due to its effortless, rounded trunk, the ponytail-shaped palm, also known as the mammal’s bicycle, is a common and simple-to-grow indoor plant. We could have been mistaken if you assumed that cats, in particular, would discover the slender, swaying leaves that make up this pet-friendly indoor plant species alluring.

22- Purple waffle plant (Hemigraphis alternate)

People who fail to cultivate floral houseplants will find year-round appeal through the amethyst waffles, the plant’s variegated petals. Direct bright light will make maintaining the color purple while whitening the green leaves easier.

23- The Purple Passion Vine (Gynura aurantiaca)

These pets friendly indoor plants make a distinctive surprise for your inventory of safe indoor plants for dogs and cats. The green leaves have silky bristles on them. The purple leaves have a darker hue regardless of the lighting. Although such plants grow quickly, take caution.

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