Pet Friendly Outdoor Plants

23 Outdoor Plants Safe for Cats and Dogs

The outdoor space plants may add shade and greenery to almost any outdoor area, but lots of them are nonfriendly to pets that could choose to nibble on a branch or a pair. Fortunately, several pet friendly outdoor plants will beautify your property, lacking endangering Fido. Although pet friendly plant life should be out of reach and these 23 kinds are legally suitable for pets such as dogs and cats, it continues to be most effective to avoid enticements.

If your pets occasionally accidentally munch upon a living thing, even a tiny one that is improbable to harm its well-being, keep a cautious eye on symptoms. A pet friendly outdoor plant may not be poisonous, but that is no guarantee that your pet is unlikely to get sick after they eat it. Call the Society for Animal Pet Hazardous Emergency Helpline if you’re experiencing worries regarding your pet’s companion.

pet-friendly outdoor plants

1- Melon or Aluminium Plants (DENNY SCHROCK)

The aluminum plant, which belongs to the botanical plant Pilea, has lovely, harmless foliage that mixes grey and greenish. It grows taller at most twelve inches. It thrives in light that is low light pet friendly plants and merely requires watering to your outdoor area until the top one centimeter of the earth is parched. 


Since Tillandsia’s different kinds require no ground for the establishment, they serve as outstanding pet friendly outdoor plants, simple to maintain outdoor plants. Most airborne plants flourish in indirect light that is bright just a fast dip into the ocean thrice every seven days and can remain shorter over twelve inches tall.

3- African Purple (PANICGUL KRITSADA)

They may be found in various shades of lavender & shades of pink require little care, & do well with direct sunlight. To prevent injuring the branches then blossoms, keeping the substrate wet but not soggy, carefully hydrate African violets, simply allowing pet friendly outdoor plants to absorb rainwater via the outlet in the planter.

4- Friend Plants (KEVIN PARTENIO)

The simplicity at which it could be separated and distributed gives the relationship between the pet friendly outdoor plant—which has a close connection to the low light pet friendly plants—its common moniker. Regardless of whether pets eat this plant’s hazy scrunched-up departs, pets such as cats and dogs won’t be harmed by it if you’ve given them a present for them that pet friendly outdoor plant. 

5- Christmas Cactus (KRITSADA PANICHGUL)

Holiday cacti are not harmful plants that are pet friendly outdoor plants for keeping among curious pets such as cats and dogs, contrasting their hazardous seasonal cousin, tiger lilies. That’s not a good idea for letting your pets munch around that, although generally, that’s less hazardous than many other holiday outdoor plants.

pet-friendly outdoor plant

6- A Few Bamboo Varieties (WILDE JAY)

Since plenty of pet friendly outdoor plants, “fern” within their moniker, isn’t in reality members of the outdoor plant family, determining mosses may prove challenging.

True ferns and others, including Harvard as maidenhair, are acceptable choices among outdoor plants because they’re non-toxic to pets and are perfect pet friendly outdoor plants.

7- A Few Herbs (ADAM ALBRIGHT)

The natural flavor may be easily added to foods prepared at home with the help of outdoor herbs plants. But once it involves the security of pets, none of the outdoor medicinal plants are produced comparable. Conventional herbs, including jasmine and rosemary, are not allowed, while the herb thy cilantro, with rosemary, is the only acceptable outdoor plant for pets. 

8- Parlor Palms (JASON DONNELLY)

Consider a parlor palm if you have pets and want to add tiny low light pet friendly plants to your outdoor area. The simple-to-maintain plant is safe for dogs and cats and is a fantastic place for novices to get their feet wet. Although it can tolerate dim lighting because it is a low-light pet friendly plant, it thrives in regulated, bright sunlight.

9- Polka Dot Plant

Employ plants with polka-dot patterns to give small landscaping, aquariums, mixing pots, and various other arrangements a dash of patterning and color.

That pet friendly plant comes in mauve or white because, even though it may reach a height of three legs, it typically remains on the shorter side in pots.

10- Cocoa soldiers or filigree flowers vines (MARTY BALDWIN)

The beautiful lace blossom vine is a simple, pet friendly outdoor golden pothos plant that thrives in suspended baskets away from your cat and pet’s grasp. However, everything will be good if a particularly constant touch finds its way through the vessel.

pet friendly outdoor plant


The widespread butterfly orchids pose little threat to animals. But there is a particular danger to keep an eye out for Chewery pets like cats and dogs might cause difficulty when using potting soil because it’s frequently comprised of wood pieces. Although not toxic, eating potato chips could upset your stomach.

12- Lipstick Plant (THEODORE SCHOEPPNER)

This unusual plant is suitable to be used by pets and cats and boasts flowers that resemble lipsticks tube. Lipstick plants, native to tropical regions, love to be pet friendly outdoors, planted during the warmer seasons, and do best in bright sunlight. Always remember to supply water because it prefers continuously humid conditions and can attain heights as much as twenty inches high.

13- Spider Plant (ROBERT CARDILLO)

Some of the simplest plants to cultivate are harmless pet friendly plants. It is also easy to generate new spidery plants using the offspring that the parent plant generates. A spider-like plant thrives.

14- Calathea or Prayerful Plant (DENNY SCHROCK)

The sacred pet friendly outdoor plants, with a height of between six and eight inches, are perfect for placing on coffee tables and bookcases. It gets its name from the way its crimson, lotion, and green foliage curled up at nightfall. Additionally, this is one of the simplest outdoor plants you please may cultivate, which is additionally a pet friendly outdoor plant.


The pets were comfortable with airborne outdoor plants. This makes them fortunate, given that their faces are gorgeous!

Since succulents do not need dirt to thrive, they appear great in terrariums or crystal pots, including the one above from John Lewis.

Outdoor Plants Safe for Cats

16- Some Succulents (PANICGUL KRITSADA)

A lot of the most commonly recognized succulent outdoor plants, such as echeverias, chickens, and chicks, are relatively easy, but because there is a variety of them available, it’s a good idea to do some investigating regarding every plant. Even though emerald resembles similar succulent plants, it is harmful and pet friendly outdoor plants.

17- African Violets

Due to their acclimatization to the tropical African environment, this dwelling plant may prove a little finicky. A comfortable washroom is suitable for these animals, given that they enjoy affection, relative humidity, and oblique sunshine.

18- THE ARECA Palms

Another name associated with the Areca palms is that of the Parlour Palms. I recently bought a few of those lovely things for you! It’s also among the most well-liked, pet friendly outdoor plants worldwide. Although it grows slowly to become a house established, it may reach up to 6 legs. 

These enjoy cooler temperatures and therefore do not need a lot of illumination.


Boston, Massachusetts The ferns are simple to maintain and safe, even for pets. There are, in fact, many different varieties of ferns, and though some among them may be harmful to cats, so be cautious.

Pet Friendly Outdoor Plants


Your cat will never stop loving you, please, should you’ve got the guts to place some of these about your dwelling. 

They may consume pet friendly plants consume it. However, you should keep an eye on your cats near this plant. Pets frequently tumble around catnip and which will cause your plant’s container to topple over and a dirt eruption.


Adore fig trees? Sadly, many figs are toxic, including the sobbing figs as the maple leaves figs. On the contrary hand, banana trees have the appearance of a fig and therefore are completely suitable to use as pet friendly outdoor plants.

Outdoor Plants Safe for Cats and Dogs


Aspidistras were among my fave outdoor plants upon this compilation of plants considered suitable for pets.

Shade-loving plants include aspidistras. Bacteria may survive for a very long period sans drinking and enjoying the dim light—lastly, a plant I shouldn’t have to be capable of rapidly destroying.


They’re covered in tiny departs however, because of this vast expanse of surface, they almost totally conceal the dirt inside the container, making them perfect for people individuals and are pet friendly outdoor plants that enjoy digging in the soil that is exposed and leaving a big mess that is difficult to tidy afterward.

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