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8 Types of Money Plants in Feng Shui

Greetings from the fascinating universe of Feng Shui Money Plants or Tree!

Being an accomplished Feng Shui Money Tree professional, I’ve been ecstatic to gain knowledge about the space-transforming potential of those dazzling emerald jewels.

We get inquiries regarding the feng shui money tree frequently. You’ve reached an appropriate location! Continue reading for more information regarding those allegedly feng shui money trees.

The money plant has become extensively recommended among numerous Feng Shui money plant professionals as a method for enhancing the energy that is beneficial circulation in homes, consequently bringing riches and success. Money plants can flourish in low light settings whenever cultivated inside.

Money Plants

What Are Money Plants Exist Today?

Numerous distinct plants throughout every corner of humanity go by common names like “money plant” and “money tree.” Numerous factors, including the money plants’ coin-shaped departs, might influence the botanical name choice. Or, similar to the Feng Shui money tree method, certain money plants are associated with a long-standing metaphorical connection to wealth and accomplishment. These kinds are frequently employed cunningly as indoor plants to focus feng shui energies on attracting wealth.

Why Do Plant Function as Feng Shui Tools?

Just undoubtedly observed how those who practice feng shui frequently have a green thumb. Considering several feng shui money tree explanations, indoor plants make good modifications. Keeping houseplants indoors promotes a sense of connection with the outside environment.

People spend many hours indoors throughout contemporary society, which makes us occasionally removed from our natural surroundings.

Money Plants

There are eight popular varieties of feng shui money tree;

Multiple species of plants are referred to by the term “money plants” within feng shui. The plants mentioned below might be very beneficial for encouraging wishes to invite more development and financial richness into their lives. 

1- Money Tree

The feng shui modification of pachira aquatica is frequently employed to promote fortune and wealth. It thrives inside and can endure reduced sunlight, making it a low-maintenance money plant.

The branches of the money plant are frequently intertwined to represent immortality and connectivity. Some strands stand for fresh starts, whereas five branches are associated with each component.

2- Jade Plant

Money plants, often known simply as plants made of jade (Crassula ovata), make excellent indoor plants due to their requiring little maintenance.

Jade plants must have a lot of sunlight to develop well, so be careful to put them in a bright area.

They have leaves that have a similar appearance to money, much comparable to the pile. The jade plant’s gradual yet consistent development. This jade plant’s slow development might be compared to humanity’s gradual building for riches.

3- Pileia Peperomioides

Pilea peperomioides, sometimes called the Chinese money plant, constitute a few of those plants. It has glossy, coin-shaped, spherical leaflets. Pilea money plant requires little care and thrives in mild sunlight. Additionally, the feeling is simple to spread and share with others, which might boost your sense of plenty. Make careful to distribute the riches whenever the newborns appear. 

4- Pothos

Botanical Name: Epipremnum aureum

Pothos, sometimes referred to because of devil’s ivy, has become a well-liked money plant within Vastu and Feng Shui. It is believed to bring good fortune and wealth to a residence or business. The plant possesses heart-shaped, brightly colored leaves, representing affection and plenty. The Pothos requires little maintenance and can be produced under practically every circumstance.

5- Peace Lily

Botanical Name: Spathiphyllum

Because of its soothing vitality, the tranquility lilies, additionally referred to as spathiphyllum, remain a preferred option for both the feng shui money tree alongside the practice of Vastu Aromatherapy has been suggested that it might relieve stress and nervousness while additionally bringing balance and calm throughout the household. Luscious, wide foliage of the species is frequently utilized throughout the Feng Shui money plant as symbols of riches along with plenty.

Money Plants

6- Satin Pothos.

Botanical Name: Epipremnum aureum

Money plants, like the satin pothos, are frequently employed throughout Vastu in addition to Feng Shui. This comprises an escalating, perennial grapevine featuring glistening, satin-like leaflets in the form of love. Although the branches are normally a shade of green, they may also be yellow or white.

This Satin Pothos has been believed to carry good fortune and abundance inside a residence or place of business.

7- Fortune asparagus

The popular moniker for Dracaena sanderiana is “Fortune asparagus.” This money plant is an evergreen plant rather than anything like a form of rattan. Although the cells are squishy instead of empty, the tips of the stems imitate asparagus. Within feng shui, good asparagus is thought to promote wealth and good luck.

8- Silver Dollar Vine

The climber money plant known as silvery dollars vines (Xerosicyos danguyi) has tiny juicy leaflets. It is thought to provide a family with happiness and success. This money plant is ideally adapted for growth in sunshine corners that does nicely in almost dry environments.

Money Plants

Best Places to Growing Money Pants:

Ensuring that you’re thoroughly knowledgeable about the requirements and the expensive plant before choosing a location for it in your house so you can choose a spot where it will flourish. Even in an extremely fortunate setting, sick plants will continue to lack an indicator of youthful and energetic energy. 


Money plants were another excellent way to decorate a sleeping area. Your bedroom reflects who you are; therefore, whatever feng shui money plant changes you undertake there may have a big effect on how you conduct yourself. Additionally, beneficial for enhancing interior ventilation include plants.

Money Corner

Additionally, you may locate the prosperous area of the residence, and money plant a financial tree inside. Visualize your real estate covered in a three-by-three layout to locate the wealthy region. Locate the furthest square on your left when you approach the main entrance; that is where your financial section is.

Workplace or Office:

To attract success and financial security in your professional life, a money plant might be helpful to place an investment plant at your workstation and office. Put it somewhere on your work surface to serve as an obvious indicator of the money you are letting in.

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