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How to Choose the Best Paint for Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Even if you do not have to rebuild your kitchen entirely, but can enhance the appearance of that space by giving the kitchen cabinets a new layer of paint. The Amateur project is doable for many households, plus it is a little more complicated than putting entirely novel cabinets. You may change the appearance of your kitchen while hiding drab, dirty surfaces as soon you can pick the best cabinet paint.

Paint your kitchen cabinets a bright, daring color that opens up opportunities, or go for a traditional design using a pure white manner.

cabinet paint

Regardless shade you decide on, you must pay close attention to choosing the right paint on the kitchen cabinets to guarantee a durable and easy-to-clean finish. Additionally, cabinet paint in the kitchen will result in an even more polished appearance than using a paintbrush to paint them.

Alkyd vs. Alkyd, Latex vs. Oils Paints

Are you unsure whether to use readily accessible latex-based paint for the kitchen cabinets or traditional oil paints? Discover further about all of them, as well as the benefits and drawbacks associated with every approach.

Cabinets Oil-Based Paint

When deciding on the perfect cabinet paint color painting the kitchen cabinets, paints made from oil can come to mind immediately because of their durable texture. Cabinet paints that are oil-based are simple to wipe from an area. Using oily or muddy hands, you may quickly scrape out whatever remains sans fretting concerning breaking down the paint or reducing the outer layer when approaching the cabinet doors.

Nevertheless, some faults in oil-based cabinet paints appear particularly difficult to overlook while painting cabinets.


  • They can withstand washing and scouring
  • Good concealment of the wood’s grain
  • Strong finish


  • Higher VOC concentrations
  • Particularly in dim lighting, susceptible to fading
  • A maximum of sixteen hours for each coating to dry

cabinet paint

Cabinets Painted with Latex

While oil-based paints have a notoriety for being simple to apply and having a durable surface that must be frequently wiped and disinfected, latex paint is the preferred best paint for kitchen cabinets because it is less likely to peel or flake. The application of latex coating paint covering kitchen cabinets has become simpler because of water-based stain paint formulae improvements. Several latex paints have been created with enhanced cleaning resilience and can withstand thorough washing. Search for paintings advertised as washes or scrubbable for the cabinet paint because that’s essential with kitchens.

Whenever utilizing latex paint for staining wooden cabinets, you must carefully prepare the area to be painted. Although painting with latex is more inclined to highlight differences in the pattern or roughness of wooden things, paint made from oil applies smoothly regardless of wooden objects. A little planning must be done to ensure that the painting job is effective and has an even appearance.


  • Quick drying
  • Minimal or absent VOC
  • Clings to existing oil- or latex-painted surfaces.


  • Certain compounds are too fragile to scrape with
  • Extra preparation is necessary for flawless finishing.

cabinet paint

Cabinet Paint with Alkyd

Alkyd paint is a water-based coating that resembles oil paint in viscosity and has an enamel surface. However, it does not include any oil and functions similarly to oil. It is kinder to the environment than paint made with oil, leaving behind a hard, latter surface that doesn’t require a second coat of varnish. Alkyd porcelain balances off on its own when it dries, giving the appearance of being incredibly smooth. Alkyd paint often hides strokes of the brush after it is done.

It would help if you used alkyd paints to make kitchen cabinets paint like an expert.

Alkyd paint is often the best for kitchen cabinets like wooden, metal, and cabinets but is rarely applied to surfaces. It has a tough and long-lasting conclusion making it a superb option for cabinet paint. For the best-looking results, if you have to put atop alkyd, choose another alkyd color with oil-based paint instead.


  • Scratch resistance
  • It flows easily, even
  • One coat for a thicker covering
  • It has composite formulas that are easy to keep tidy up and healthier for the natural world.


  • Can become fragile
  • Extremely elevated VOC levels
  • Increased the period of drying

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