Pool table at home

Whether you refer to the game as pool or billiards, it’s recreated on a pool table surrounded with fabric tolerant to staining from cue chalk, cloudy hands, and tumbles from food and beverages. This fabric, comprehended as the pool table felt, material, or body, assists in the direction of balls.

Indoor pool table felt is generally prepared from a mixture of wool and polyester or wool and nylon threads. Outdoor pool tables are mostly made of acrylic yarn. Felt, a variety of fabric, is formed by matting and squeezing fibers until they mesh, resulting in a stable and soft surface.

While the felt on a pool table can be replaced, it’s essential to regularly sweep the surface to keep its build and improve your gameplay. Discover reasonable steps to cleanse and keep the pool table felt in top shape.

How Often to Clean Pool Table Felt

Optimally, the pool table felt should be skimmed after each game to eliminate chalk dust and lint, which could disrupt the ball’s direction. If this is not possible, brushing should ensue after every 10 hours of space, or at the very smallest, every week, even if the tableland remains covered when not in usage. Any collapses or food colors should be promptly cleansed, and the fabric should be brushed down using a wet cloth at least once a month.

What You’ll Require

Gear / Tools

  • Pool felt brush
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Void cleaner with hose and upholstery brush extension


  • Water
  • Gentle detergent (Woolite)
  • Commercial pool felt cleaner


01- Brush the Table Felt

Pool table at home

Use a reliable pool table felt brush to stop chalk, dust, and lint from the table covering. Start by cleaning out any residue from the creases of the pillows and close the pouches. Then, proceed to the rear of the table with the crack line or the head of the table. It is often celebrated with a nameplate.

Brush in one order only from the head of the table to the ground. By brushing in one hierarchy, you will efficiently protect the whole surface without cutting rooms and putting the slightest pressure on the table covering. Extension will happen in one path; if your table covering has a nap, it will all fib in the same order.

Avoid brushing energetically or using excessive force to control unneeded wear and lengthening. Allow the hairs of the brush to reach the table covering cover.

02- Remove Spills and St@ains

felt table

Accidents happen while heavy participants learn to keep meals and drinks far out from the table covering. If meal solids fall on the tabletop pool table, raise them with a recognition card or a flat knife. Do not scratch; observe the measures suggested for liquid tumbles.

When liquid spills on the pool table felt, instantly spot away the fluid with a lint-free microfiber material. Do not scratch; lightly shove the fabric down on the descent. Do not utilize paper towels or napkins because they depart fibers on the table covering.

To assist in weakening the stain:

  1. Squeeze a wet microfiber fabric over the shaded area.
  2. Blot likewise with a dry microfiber material to soak the liquid.
  3. Let the table covering air-dry with no counted warmth.
  4. Remain to play on the table until it is burned.

If there are visual stains, combine rare drops of a delicate detergent or wool wash like Woolite with friendly water. Dip a microfiber fabric in the answer and blot the dyed spots. Squeeze the material well to control over-saturating the pool table felt. Flush with a wet cloth immersed in clean water, letting the place air dry. Or, utilize a commercial pool table brush and observe the label recommendations.

03- Vacuuming the Felt

Vacuuming the Felt

Brushing the pool table felt much more delicate than vacuuming. If you opt for a void, select one with medium suction strength. Consistently utilize the upholstery brush extension and guarantee that only the bristles connect with the surface of the table covering. Forceful vacuuming may guide to wing and wear to the felt table surface.

How to Get Rid of a Pool Table?

Handing It On:

If you have obtained a pool table you no longer require, individuals are willing to grab it! Hawking a pool table in suitable condition is a beautiful opportunity. You can set up ads, take exact pictures, and draw potential buyers who’d adore to have it in their playroom.

Creative Reuse:

Have you ever felt like giving your old pool table a unique life? You can! Take it separated and utilize the wood and frame for excellent DIY tasks. It’s a great way to repurpose a pool table and keep it from gathering dust.

How to Clean Pool Table Felt

Community Goodwill:

Presenting your pool table is a beautiful view! Schools, youth posts, and local neighborhood centers often receive such a contribution. Understanding how to donate your pool table can create a genuine distinction in someone’s recreational adventure.

Getting Help for Removal:

Pushing a pool table isn’t comfortable—it’s rich and overweight. Employing experts who specialize in extensive item reduction is a wise move. They can disassemble, transport, and appropriately dispose of it. That’s the proper way to remove a pool table without effort.

Do-It-Yourself Adventure:

If you’re a DIY fanatic, carry the pool table apart yourself. Ensure to do it safely and responsibly. Once it’s in detail, you can reclaim or dispose of them correctly. Understanding how to DIY disassemble a pool table is a lovely project.

Sharing within the Community:

Giving back to the society is the method to go. Use local online venues to show your pool table for complimentary or cheaply. It’s a win-win—you clear up the room, and somebody else earns a fantastic addition to their playroom.

Tips to Sustain Your Pool Table Felt’s Cleanliness

  • Constantly maintain the pool table felt covered when it’s not in use.
  • Regularly sweep the balls sticks, and stretch to control excessive ground on the felt table.
  • Bypass drinking, eating, or smoking near the table covering.
  • Abstain from using chalk to the cue instantly over the felt surface.
  • Avoid fraying bracelets, watches, or jewelry that could catch the pool table felt.


01- What is the importance of a pool table felt?

Pool table felt is the technological fabric covering the playing character of a pool table, delivering the perfect shell for smooth ball motion.

02- How can I watch my table when not in use?

Use a cover for the pool table to guard it from dust, spills, and possible damage when not in use.

03- Are there suggestions for keeping a clean felt table?

Frequent brushing with a reliable pool table brush and surrounding the table when not in use can help keep a neat, felt surface.

04- What can I do if my pool table felt gets damaged?

If your pool table felt is damaged, further repair, mull replacing it with a fresh one to repair optimal gameplay.

05- Can I restore an ordinary table into a pool table?

Yes, you can transform a regular table into a pool table by adding a tabletop pool table that can be established on a traditional table, feeding a playing surface for pool games.

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