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How to Hang Plants From Ceiling Without Holes?

High ceilings are ideal for displaying interior flora because flora brightens up a space. The easiest way to sustain the overall pressure of large hanging plants is to insert an indoor plant hanger together into the ceiling girder through the sheetrock. Installing a J-hook hanger and one S-hanger above the coffered ceiling is much preferable when you’ve got them.

How to Hang Plants from Ceilings?

This ceiling may be used with an indoor plant hanger as a creative method to exhibit hanging plants. If their house is modest, you want to maximise your available space. Or, you’re a devoted gardener with weeds growing on every possible level. Also, an indoor plant hanger with that ceilings or walls protects plants out of reach of children or animals.

Whichever the reason, it’s a creative method to hang plants from either the ceilings through an indoor plant hanger. Integrating wildlife within gives you all the advantages of indoor hanging plants. Your house will therefore appear lovely! And though, users must be aware of safe ways to drape hanging plants from either the indoor plant hanger ceilings. Also, hanging plants through house ceilings would be a headache and a hazard. That could be a violation of your lease.

hanging plants

Ensure sure their hanging plants are firmly secured. Also, it would help if you made sure those components you select are sturdy enough here to hold overall gravity for hanging indoor plants. Several based on different indoor plants possibilities are given in this tutorial.

I’ll also advise on the best way to hang a plant from either the ceilings through an indoor plants hanger, avoiding drilling or putting faith there in the surface. It’s how you hang plants first from roofs with indoor plant hangers if they can’t drill through into plasterboard or ceiling trusses and if visitors have no available rafters. Listed below are some quick options, plus instructions for how to hang plants from the ceiling through indoor plant hangers, avoiding punching holes in the wall. They are appropriate, whether tiny or large, a condominium or a home. Therefore read on and decide whether concepts are appropriate for their house for hanging plants!

Magnets for indoor plants hanger

Electromagnetic hooked in corrosion resistance, platinum, chromium, golden, or black fit whatever indoor plants hangers or interior decorating if you want a seedlings attachment that won’t scratch hanging surfaces. Titanium alloys or relatively uncommon magnetism are the keys to those same hooking’ superior performance. Magnetism has extremely high holding forces of as much as a hundred kilograms. This magnetism should be fastened immediately to a spotless stainless surface for hanging plants so as for it to reach its maximum load.

It might not be easy to locate a thick steel electrical connection upon that ceilings. Yet, if you examine closely, you could uncover supports, screws, and pieces of metal.

Another alternative for attachment is drywall screws that have been painted over and implanted in the drywall. To find screws, move the magnet around the ceiling.

Small screw heads will reduce the weight capacity of indoor plants, so use caution.

hanging plants

Poles for pressure

You may simulate chandelier hanging plants without ever really suspending plants first from ceilings by using aluminium suspension indoor plant hangers that span from one wall to another.

Anywhere two lines are near sufficient together, pressure may be mounted. Rods featuring ou alors silicone extremities almost as high as the ceilings. With both a showerhead shade hung, you may span openings in walls, ceiling frameworks, and passageway endpoints.

Typical suspension rods, like indoor plant hangers for showers, ranging from 42 to 750 mm. Product-specific capacity limitations fluctuate between ten to 6 ounces. Regarding space partition draperies, an additional suspension rod can stretch to 125 or 165 yards. It is approximately ten to thirteen yards, or about the breadth of a single space.

Remember to buy a tension indoor plants hanger longer than the spread. The rod must typically be about two inches bigger than the desired spread.

Unlike curtains suspension hangers, which frequently feature pressure limitations under a kilogram, showerhead pressure electrodes are stronger and more durable.

Stick Multifunction Connectors

Identity foam-backed hangers were frequently used over ceilings to keep credentials or culinary implements. The plant can additionally be hanging plants from a ceiling sans piercing using adhesive fasteners.

Adhesion anchors can support up to one pound of weight as provided as the substrate is free of contaminants. The advantage is that sticky hooks may be placed wherever you choose.

Ensure the indoor plant hangers you buy retain an article without falling out if the hanger is twisted 180° because most sticky hooks are made for ceilings.

Swivel cup indoor plant hangers

Another excellent method for hanging plants first from ceilings is with a soft rubber indoor plants hanger. On solid, ou pas substrates alone, plastic ones function.

Soft rubber hangers work nicely on ceilings and any structure that seems stable and constructed of plastique or glass.

Even though some soft rubber indoor plant hangers boast strength capabilities of as much as 10 kilograms, strength limits are typically low—around a kilogram.

Check with suction cups with a wiggle that can spin to accommodate a straight or inclined ceiling.

hanging plants

Butcher’s bars indoor plant hanger

Use butcher’s bars indoor plant hangers for something like an original, striking solution for hanging plants on the roof without piercing.

The moveable mandible moves on such a metallic railway using crossbar connecting hangers. The length of the hanger clamps might reach 37 or 49 heights.

The overhanging hanger bearing a featherweight planting there at ends may sustain a point of discharge 4 inches wide and readily captured by a crossbar clamping.

C-Clamps indoor plant hanger

C-clamps may catch opposite edges of uncovered wooden beams and support a sizable weight that can be supported. This 6, or expandable C-clamp that is carefully fitted into the frame may securely hold hanging plants weighing as much as 50 kilograms. The breadth of both beams will determine the clamp’s height.

Use thick sheets of leather or independent clamping mandible cushions to prevent depression traces here on the girder.

Good hanging plants, No Digging That Is Compact.

It lightens your plant’s load for hanging plants sans strong, pierced abutments. Moreover, if you select a plant that doesn’t require soil, use a compact plant container.


  • Spanish moss
  • Aerial plant
  • Blessed asparagus (Dracaena Sanderiana)
  • I’m a philodendron.
  • Basil\sPeace
  • Anthurium andraeanum
  • Peace lily
  • Pothos
  • Monstera deliciosa
  • Anthurium andraeanum

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