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Dodreams Ltd has made many players believe that Drive Ahead! is an arcade game. In reality, this game of fighting involves vehicles of every kind. The vehicle option gives players the ability to do whatever they like. Disrupt opponents’ vehicles for the purpose to cause a traffic collision in order to score points. Drive Ahead APK Mod

Drive Ahead! is a fighting game that is based on collisions between cars. It features a fighting system that includes collecting items throughout the game, this is an experience that gives you a fun and exciting experience. If you can create a huge explosion that damages your player until they’re exhausted. Then you’ll take the victory.


Drive Ahead is a simple game that is simple to play; kids can play the game with ease from toddlers to adults. The game is accessible for free and is played with no Internet to play any time and anyplace. This is a sport where players are required to manage many kinds of vehicles in order to fight the artificial intelligence of the game.

You can play with other players using the same device, or with a roommate in order to compete against other players. The aim of the game is to to squeeze your opponents with the power of your cars. Alongside fighting against opponents the players must also navigate through environments laden with explosives and other obstacles. Players score points by beating opponents using their own vehicles or by overcoming obstacles. The player who wins five rounds wins the game and will earn lots of money that can be used to purchase additional vehicles.

About Drive Ahead – Fun Car Battles

Drive Ahead is a popular racing game with over fifty million players downloading it. It’s a head-tohead car fighting game that features fun car fights and the car that smash the most will earn the most points. Two cars will fight each other in a combat style in the gladiator style and the car that suffers the least amount of damage will win. It is also possible to invite your friends to join in with other players.

There are over three hundred vehicles that boast impressive performance and speed, that you can take across the racetracks. We’ve provided unlocks for every car to gain garbage tanks, trucks as well as stunt cars off-road cars, lots more. There are also non-frictional vehicles such as Ghost Pirate Ships, electric reindeer, Mini-Trex with guns, etc. Drive Ahead APK Mod

Two different options for you to pick

The first thing you have to do is to defeat the AI game when playing in the Single Player mode. The game’s AI is quite difficult to defeat. It is impossible around it and you must be bold and take on any opponent. Be smart, be aware of them and look for opportunities to take down them. This is how you triumph with Drive Ahead!. You can complete missions and earn worthwhile rewards. Each time you complete a match, you’ll be awarded coins. Coins can be used to unlock, upgrade or upgrade vehicles or to unlock certain packages of the game.

Exciting Car-Battle Matches

The principal purpose of each game mode in Drive Ahead is to allow players to customize their vehicles to defeat opponents with the most brutal force. This means ramming, bouncing at, smashing, pounding and so on. Anything that causes damage to vehicle components is allowed. Due to this, the speed and intensity of every match is constantly at the top of their game and offer players a full-on experience through violence and much more.

Drive Ahead! The most thrilling fighting car game

When you start this game you begin the first game. The controlling of the car is easy. Just select the left and right direction. You can unleash the opponent with the head-slamming phase. It’s not hard to play, however your opponent is becoming smarter and more clever.

If you don’t respond quickly to the player , they are likely to lose. When playing, remember that in addition to doing our best, we also must collect things. Bolts, coins, cars and helmets are important objects. Take as much as you can and you will certainly not be able to admit when the difficulty level gets increasing. Drive Ahead APK Mod

Design Powerful Gladiator-Cars

The vehicle is the most crucial tool for players to gain every win, and players are able to design their vehicles with different capabilities. Design systems are diverse and adaptable, however the player should have all the required components or a sturdy chassis to create strong units. In the meantime, every component or combination could alter the overall performance of the combat vehicle which gives players numerous imaginative ideas for every type of vehicle that is available.

Unique Cars and Unexpected Drives

There are missions that are not expected as well as the play area is a football field, in which the players are required to drive like their vehicle is the football. The cars come available in a variety of distinct styles and characteristics. There are twisty roads, twisty roads and terrains as well as a selection of motorbikes, as well as shorter and longer cars to have fun racing without paying attention on it.

Attractive Reward

In a game there are five levels. If a player wins the previous five levels, the player will win win the prize that is corresponding to it. There are two prizes that the player has the option of choosing from: the reward available as well as a greater reward. the more substantial one. The player has to watch the entire video and be awarded the prize.

The more you earn rewards and the more you earn, the more money can spend on more powerful vehicles to take on. Additionally, by joining the Rift Riders world players can unlock exciting and unique games in the game, and will be able to play through the latest and most exciting screens. Explore the fun Mission Stadiums in Drive Ahead for huge rewards, while staying clear of hazards like aliens and robots within levels. Drive Ahead APK Mod

Features of Drive Ahead

In addition to this unique method of playing with cars this game comes with a lot additional features that you should not be missing! We’ve gone over it here. The top characteristics that you can expect from Drive Ahead:

Easy to use controls

The controls are as simple as tapping the left and right sides of the screen to take you to the direction you prefer. Swipe up to let the car leap according to your preference. To win the game, you have to take your car to the opponent. You will earn one point for each successful attempt. You are awarded the win when you have reached five stars.

2 Modes

In this game, you have two modes available. The AI mode as well as The PVP mode. The AI mode is where you’re playing against computers-generated vehicles. They are just as strong as the players in PVP. Are you able to handle the heat and emerge with the upper hand?

Many cars are available to unlock

When you start the game, you’re handed an item to unlock the vehicle of your choice. If you win certain games and winning some cash that you can make use of to unlock new vehicles. You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of cars including racing cars, trucks and even banana cars. You can pick what you want! Be sure to make your choice the right one.

Final Verdict

Car racing is a great kind of gaming that can make us feel happier even in the most difficult moments. However, imagine that you had a stunning graphics-rich car crash game, complete with unlimited cash and the unlocked cars. In this scenario you’ll begin to fall in over it! If you’re feeling the same joy, go to the link below and Download Drive Ahead . This updated version has everything you need to illuminate all of your dull moments. Drive Ahead APK Mod


Q. Do you have the option of playing with your other friends on Drive Ahead?

The Drive Ahead! WiFi Multiplayer is now made available for Public Beta for Android users. It allows two-player car games with the other player on your personal devices!

Q. Is it possible to play drive forward Sports Online?

You may also be able to compete with online competitions. If you have more victories you accumulate you have the better chance of receiving amazing rewards. You can keep getting these rewards to increase your performance.

Q. Do you have the ability to play drive ahead on a PC?

Play Drive Ahead! Play Drive Ahead! on PC as well as Mac to join the latest gladiator arenas, and fight to the end against players from around the world. Drive Ahead! is the most intense car-battle-themed game that has taken the Android world by storm.

Q. What are the rift bolts’ functions in the drive ahead?

Every time you play You earn Rift Tokens which enable players to earn rewards. Each Rift Riders event there are two unique vehicles that are available to unlock. There are as well Rift Bolts up for grabs which you can use to unlock new cars in a way.

Q. How many people drive ahead?

The median session duration is 3.3 minutes. 500,000 active users use the app 3.1 days per week on average. ‘Drive Ahead!’ is an online multiplayer game in which players compete against garbage trucks, off-road cars go-karts, go-karts and many more. The players can compete in every day challenges in single-player mode.

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