Golf Battle APK Mod

Miniclip has released Golf Battle, a PvP fighting game where you can compete against other players on mini-golf across many terrains. You can choose between Rush and Classic game modes.

Classic, which is the traditional method of playing, requires that players hit the ball into the hole as quickly as possible. Rush, however, offers a faster pace and prompts players to hit it fast. It’s all about the game! You must be able to play every game quickly. Golf Battle APK Mod

Golf Battle is a game where the distance between the hit line and the hole after each round is greater. This causes more obstacles to appear on your track and in your screen view. You will gain more experience the more you play, and you’ll be able to avoid penalty penalties.

General Information

Golf Battle for Android will make golf sport a pastime for the wealthy. It’s not enough to be a hobby. This amazing sport can be enjoyed on your mobile device.

The game control system has been optimized to give the best possible golf experience with only one touch. You must be able to adjust the ball at the correct angle to ensure that it goes into the right hole if you want win.

You can play 1v1 duel matches with your friends or together with up to 6 Facebook friends. You can choose from a variety of stunning golf courses and equipment. Golf Battle is an excellent sport ground that offers hours of entertainment. One can beat your opponents to be the king of golf!

Enjoy Interesting Gameplay

You must learn how to properly use force. This is an important factor that can make a big difference in every shot. It is important to understand and retain the range of the strike force. This will allow you to estimate the distance the ball will fly if it hits you all the way.

An excellent idea to improve your shot quality is a golf swing upgrade. Some holes can give the illusion of distance. If you don’t want to be punished unfairly, be careful when swinging.

Golf Battle is incomplete without sandpits. You may think that hitting the bunker will give your edge, but you don’t know how it will affect you.

Rush mode is very strict and will only allow minor hits to return the ball to the grass. The Classic way doesn’t have many rules. To get out of the bunker you’ll need to take a significant hit. It will be a long and difficult task.

Are speed and accuracy more important? You can balance them in Rush mode. This mode does not include accuracy or rate in its gaming dictionary. Sometimes you may only receive brief advice. Golf Battle APK Mod

Extra Features

This fun and unique Golf Battle can be played with up to six people. Golf Battle is a fun game that brings minigolf to your entire family.

You can challenge your friends online in real-time multiplayer to see who is the mini-golf course champion. You can unlock and upgrade golf balls to compete with up to six friends on Facebook in a golf battle unblocked game.

Play in classic mode, where you only need to make the most of 40 courses. Real-time multiplayer allows you to enter the rush mode for some serious golf chaos.

Unlock chests

Every match you win, you get a treasure box that contains cash, jewels, clubs, balls and more. You will still need to unlock the chest, so make sure that you always have something available. Although the benefits are greater the more valuable the chest, unlocking it can take a lot longer.

You can open a chest to get your gifts later. While you can speed up the process with gems, you may want to keep them for another purpose.

Personalize your balls and clubs

Players will need different clubs for different shots if they want to win on every course. The clubhead will affect the ball’s power, distance and other parameters. This allows players to control and move more easily around the course. There are many options for clubhead designs in Golf Battle, from the West to East.

The game allows you to change the club heads and also lets you customize the type of balls that are used in each course. You can have the balls put on beautiful hats. This gives them unique effects that are only possible when they interact with you. Players can also unlock new hats by collecting daily rewards in the shop. 

Perspective and graphics

Golf Battle features high-quality 3D graphics that create all details, progressions and images. High-quality golf courses have beautiful backdrops. These include a large green meadow, windy valley or a field full of storks flying straight. It makes me feel like an aristocrat just by looking at it. Golf Battle APK Mod

The game offers beautiful images and cool scenes. It also allows you to change the angle of the view. Before hitting a shot, you can control your vision completely. This allows players to feel more at ease while playing and limits faulty phases. (Players will blame their error for blinding their vision of obstacles).

Get Free Reward Points

Golf Battle allows you to earn 100 coins an hour. You can also win additional incentives by watching short video ads every day. You will be able to compete more often and move faster if you take advantage of the free incentives.

Tips and Tricks in the Battle

Strategies and tricks are essential to complete any task quickly in any game. Mini-golf is not a professional game, but it offers a unique experience for players. To reach the best positions, players should use the hills and walls in Golf Battle.

You can also use it to launch your ball across the stage, provided that it is not within the walls. It is important to remember that not all shots will require the same force. Sometimes your aim may be off and you could take the ball out of bounds. It can take time and practice to hit professional and accurate shots. Try to reduce the power and adjust the shot’s direction. Golf Battle APK Mod

How do I install Golf Battle MOD APK for PC?

It is very easy to install the Golf Battle Cheat APK onto a PC. To do this, you can use Bluestacks and NOX player. This is how it works.
1. First, you’ll need to install Bluestacks Player onto your computer. This is an android emulator that can be used to run any mobile app on the pc.
2. After installing the emulator, you’ll need to download the mod APK from our website.
3. You will need to either execute the file after downloading or click “Import From Windows” to install it.
4. Once you have completed installation, click the launch button to get started.


If you are looking for the best game to play golf, you should try Golf Battle MOD APK. I guarantee you will want to go back and play it again after you have played once. You can enjoy many unique modes in this game like PVP battle or other. Enjoy the amazing mobile experience of playing golf with your friends by downloading the Golf Battle APK to your mobile device. Don’t delay, download the Golf Battle MOD APK to get unlimited money. Golf Battle APK Mod


Q. What is Battle golf?

Battle Golf is a two-person scramble that’s played in match-style. The team with the lowest score wins a choice of one club to “block”, or unblock, from their opponent’s bag.

Q. How do you play golf battles?

After your account is connected to Facebook, all Golf Clash friends will automatically be your friend. Connect your account to Facebook using the in-game settings menu. Click the grey cog icon and select the “Secure my account” option.

Q. Is there a way to play golf online?

Golf Battle is an online multiplayer. You can’t play if you don’t have an internet connection. You might feel this is annoying, but it doesn’t matter if you are willing to have fun.

Q. Can you play golf with your friends?

Golf Clash, like most things in life is more enjoyable when played with friends. To challenge a friend to a match, connect your Facebook account with it. Select the Friends menu at the bottom of the screen.

Q. What Does VC mean in golf battle?

Vice-Captain. Vice-Captains are responsible for more than members but less than Captains or the President.

Q. What is the point of coins in golf battle?

You can earn gems and coins by playing or by watching ads, buying packs with real money, or both. You can then unlock chests that contain special balls, fancy clubs and other oddities using the coins and gems.

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