Pawnbarian a Puzzle APK Mod

It’s all about strategy in the Puzzle Play narrative Pawnbarian. You are in charge of a little pawn that needs to move through a sequence of chambers while avoiding obstacles and foes and gathering riches. The problem is that you can only move the pawn one place at a time, so each move must be carefully considered if you want to advance. Pawnbarian a Puzzle APK Mod

You’ll ponder for hours playing this tough yet enjoyable puzzle game. You may replay the levels over and over to experiment with alternative approaches because there are several ways to solve each chamber. Pawnbarian is a fantastic game for all ages with its adorable visuals and innovative gameplay.

App NamePawnbarian a Puzzle APK Mod
Size52.36 MB
Latest Version1.2.8-220628513-d3683d03-ANDROID-IL2CPP
MOD FeaturesCasual
Content Rating4.7


Pawnbarian a Puzzle APK Mod

Amazing puzzle game Pawnbarian draws its inspiration from well-known games like Tetris and Bejeweled. It’s a straightforward yet addictive game that is ideal for taking a break from the demanding outside world. The fact that Pawnbarian is entirely free to play is its finest feature.

Pawnbarian a Puzzle

Mojo Bones Ltd. is now working on the brand-new puzzle platformer called Pawnbarian. A race of strong robots called the Pawns have taken control of the Earth in the game’s futuristic setting. You must take control of a strong warrior known as the Pawnbarian in order to preserve the planet by using his abilities to defeat the Pawns.

Puzzle solving and platforming are the main components of Pawnbarian’s gameplay. In order to defeat the Pawns and advance in the game, the player will need to employ the Pawnbarian’s abilities. For the player to advance, they will have to solve a range of various puzzles and platforming obstacles throughout the game.

Currently being developed for PC, Mac, and Linux is Pawnbarian. The game’s release date has not yet been determined, however it is anticipated to occur in 2017.


The puzzle game Pawnbarian is brand-new and different, and it has several benefits for players. The fact that Pawnbarian is so simple to learn and play is one of its main merits. The simple and easy-to-understand game principles make it the ideal puzzle game for players of all ages and ability levels. Additionally, because there are so many possible methods to complete each problem, Pawnbarian is very replayable. Pawnbarian a Puzzle APK Mod

As a result, players are certain that the game will never grow boring and that there will always be something new to attempt. Last but not least, Pawnbarian is a highly difficult game that puts players’ ability to solve puzzles to the test. Pawnbarian is certain to become one of your favourite puzzle games because to its distinctive gameplay and abundance of benefits.

 Dis Advantages

In the event that you’re interested in a blog post on Pawnbarian’s benefits:

The puzzle game Pawnbarian is one of a kind, and it’s both difficult and fun to play. While challenging to master, the game is easy to learn and a fun way to kill time. Playing Pawnbarian has several benefits, some of which are listed below:

1. Learning to play pawnbarian is an excellent method to develop your problem-solving abilities. The challenges in the game force you to think creatively, which might improve your problem-solving skills in real life.

2. Playing pawnbarian is a terrific stress-reduction strategy. You may distract your mind from daily concerns by playing this game, which is both tough and enjoyable.

3.You may greatly enhance your hand-eye coordination by playing Pawnbarian. You can get better at the game by using both your hands and your eyes to solve the challenges.


Pawnbarian is a special puzzle game that will both delight and challenge you. The basic idea is that you must aid the Pawnbarian in escaping the Evil Wizard’s grasp. To lead the Pawnbarian to safety, however, you must employ your puzzle-solving abilities since the route to freedom is rocky and dangerous.

The Pawnbarian is a daring and brave tiny being, and he is depending on you to assist him in escaping. You must assist the Pawnbarian in escaping the terrible traps and riddles that the Evil Wizard has set in his path. You must utilise your brainpower to solve the riddles and assist the Pawnbarian in escaping as each level brings a unique difficulty.

Pawnbarian is a fantastic game for players of all ages and is guaranteed to provide you hours of entertainment. So why are you still waiting? Have a great time while assisting the Pawnbarian in escaping.

 Features key

You’ll enjoy playing Pawnbarian, a brand-new and creative puzzle game, for hours on end. Pawnbarian is an absolute must-have for every puzzle enthusiast thanks to its distinctive and difficult gameplay. Pawnbarian a Puzzle APK Mod


Are you trying to find a brand-new, captivating puzzle game? If yes, you should visit Pawnbarian. This instalment game will keep you occupied for many hours and is unlike any other.

The game’s basic idea is that you are a pawn attempting to get out of a maze. The game is anything from simple, though. To solve riddles and find your way through the maze, you’ll need to utilise your wit and intellect.

The ideal game for individuals who like a challenge is Pawnbarian. This is the game for you if you’re seeking for something to keep you intrigued and interested. What are you still holding out for? Try Pawnbarian right now.


The puzzle game Pawnbarian will keep you occupied for several hours. The goal of the game is to use the arrow keys to manoeuvre the green pawn to the exit. Despite the game’s seeming simplicity, there are enough of levels to keep you on your toes. By obtaining all of the coins in a level, you may also unlock additional levels. Pawnbarian is a fantastic game for players of all ages and is guaranteed to provide you hours of entertainment.


The creators of the well-known puzzle game Cut the Rope have released a new title called Pawnbarian. You must solve puzzles in the game Pawnbarian to assist a little blue creature known as a Pawnbarian in getting out of a sequence of chambers. You must utilise your understanding of physics to solve the physics-based puzzles in Pawnbarian. Pawnbarian a Puzzle APK Mod

Your understanding of physics will be put to the test in the difficult puzzle game Pawnbarian. For aficionados of puzzles, the game is absolutely worth checking out because of the ingenious and well-designed riddles.


Pawnbarian can only be played with a mouse and is a ridiculously easy game to learn. You draw three cards each round that represent various chess pieces, and you then use those cards to play your character’s position on the board. You can go as far as you like on an orthogonal line if you play a rook.

Q. How does the game Pathway work?

Pathway is a turn-based strategy game created to provide players easy, frantic, and entertaining squad combat in a pulp adventure scenario from the early 20th century. Turn the battle’s momentum in your favour by quickly running for cover, flanking adversaries, and using the unique skills of your squad.

Q. How long is Pawnbarian?

Main Story55h 26m
Main + Extras47h 56m
Completionists167h 50m
All PlayStyles1012h 40m

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